Inequalities in education throughout the world :

The world we live in has become a competition in which the weak dies or serves and the rich lives in welfare. The system we created is mostly based on saving the best for the richest and giving the rest for the others who are the servers. When I see a child on the street trying to sell some handkerchief for his school needs , I ask myself why am I the one who is lucky? I believe there is no problem that cannot be solved and among these billions of inequalities at least some of them must be solved by now right away and one of them is in my opinion is education. Thus , I would make a detailed research on this issue by comparing other countries with Turkey based on the Internet and some books, then I’ll try to show the possible effects, consequences and solutions. I would go to private and state schools to make an interview with the students and teachers and take photographs to make it concrete.

Education is like breathing in today’s world. Education is equal to money and money equals to live and every human being has a right to live no matter what their finance is. I do not want any other individual saying ; “ If could continue going to school I could be this I achieve this.”. etc. Every dream is a golden as we are linked to life by our dreams and bringing some obstacles on them is equal to murder some one.


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